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Vanessa Rousso Could you have guessed by looking at Vanessa Rousso's picture that she is one of the most dangerous poker player on earth?

And probably the most feared female player on the Globe, now and for a long time to come as she keeps on adding achievements to her crown.

Women have certainly gained a lot of ground in the world of gambling in recent years. Vanessa in particular is contributing to this trend.

Vanessa Rousso is a poker pro belonging to the team of the number one online room, PokerStars, and together with her team mates she is travelling all around the world playing the biggest tournament events, from San Remo to Las Vegas, Macau and more.

However, Vanessa Rousso is regularly taking part in online poker tournaments at her sponsor site PokerStars, so if you'd like to test your skills against her, that's where you should sign up.

Meet Vanessa Rousso, one of the most successful poker players in the world. Today, her winnings exceed $2,350,000 in poker tournaments alone.

Vanessa was born in 1983 in White Plains, New York. As her father is French, she was raised in France until 1993. Then her family moved back to the United States. Vanessa lived first in New York, and then moved to Florida to go to high school.

Already early proof that Vanessa is not just a dumb blond, far from it, she graduated the valedictorian of a large class of mote than 900 students.

Vanessa Rousso then studied as an undergraduate at Duke University, where she received a full scholarship and graduated with honors. And finally she went to law school in Miami where she majored in securities litigation. (she preferred a carreer in poker instead and who would blame her for that?)

Meanwhile she started to play casino games and she first discovered online blackjack, then online poker, and she was hooked. As she realized that she was talented with poker and that it was so much more fun, Vanessa became a full time poker professional and the rest is history.

Initially like most online poker players, she tried to play at a number of different venues on the Web, both at online casinos and online poker sites. But now she plays exclusively at pokerstars where she is a member of the exclusive Team PokerStars.

Vanessa is extremely fit and she appeared on a number of magazines where her silhouette could be appreciated. The rumor is that she has been using garcinia cambogia extract in order to have a perfectly flat belly. She is certainly lean and fit, and this is important to withstand the grueling hours of international tournament play.

Read more about Vanessa's poker winnings if you are interested in knowing more about the poker cutie.

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