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Betfair Poker sign-up bonuses

All of the many online betting sites available on the internet offer new users at least one bonus in order to encourage them to sign up with the site, but the Betfair Poker site differs from its competitors in this regard, for a number of reasons. The primary difference however is that it offers potential new customers a range of sign-up bonuses on a scale from $50 to $2500, which allows the customer to choose the option that they think will be the best one for them, rather than having to just accept the single available bonus.

Of course the temptation for many will be to go with the highest possible sign-up bonus of $2500, especially as there is no difference in the amount that the player has to put down as a deposit, in order to access any of the welcome bonus offers.

Whether you choose the $50 bonus, the $2500 one, or any of the amounts in-between, the deposit amount required remains just $10 - which represents pretty excellent bonus terms and conditions, by any standards. However, there are other terms and conditions that potential customers should consider before automatically plumping for the highest amount.

The primary one is that, once your welcome bonus has been triggered by you accumulating sufficient Player Points, you have a limited amount of time to be able to claim the rest of the bonus - and the number of Player Points required, as well as the time that the bonus is available for, vary according to which amount you choose.

For example, the $50 welcome bonus is triggered every time you score 40 Player Points, and you have 90 days to get enough points to trigger the full amount; whereas the $2500 bonus is triggered every time you score 7000 Player Points and has just 60 days eligibility.

What this means is that it is largely pointless for those who are not experienced players - or regular online poker players - to choose the bigger bonus offers, because they will find it virtually impossible to score enough Player Points in the allotted time to make it worthwhile. Thus these factors should be considered when choosing the right welcome bonus for you.

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