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PokerStars is a very popular online poker site that has millions of members. They recently announced that they have Theo Jorgensen, a Danish poker professional, sign on for a sponsorship deal. Michael Holmberg, Nordic director for PokerStars, said how excited he was of having Jorgensen in the team of poker pros at stars.

Of all players, Theo Jorgensen will be a great ambassador for the game of poker. He holds outstanding skills at the tables and his strong charisma fits ideally with the spirit of PokerStars' values. They are looking forward for the new team member to start showing his presence as an experienced poker player within Team PokerStars Pro. Indeed Theo Jorgensen is a role model for many young and older players.

But who is Theo Jorgensen?

Theo Jorgensen began playing poker in the early 90's, building on a series of wins and awards to this day. Jorgensen has won a World Poker Tour title, a World Series of Poker bracelet, and also made it to 2 European Poker Tour finals tables, but his winnings don't end there.

Jorgensen's accomplishments also include winning the 6th episode of the Poker Lounge, where he successfully defeated Erick Lindgren, Barney Boatman, Huck Seed, Axel Noack, and Roland de Wolfe to win $120,000. That same year, he finished in 30th place in the World Series of Poker, taking home $255,242. Jorgensen even defeated Antoine Amourette at the WPT Grand Prix de Paris, earning $848,736. Jorgensen has gone on to earn over 2.4 million dollars in winnings.

Now joining with PokerStars, Jorgensen plays against other members under the username "THEDONKEYNO1" in $200/$400 cash games. As Jorgensen's popularity grows, it's certain that he will be on PokerStars more often as well. PokerStars will probably continue to attach large-name poker players to its site for the enjoyment of all players, also allowing for a stronger online poker community.

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